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Where to Buy Adorable Masks During COVID-19

Hey everyone! I hope you are all staying safe and doing well. Recently with many states and counties requiring citizens to wear masks inside businesses many people are having to search around for more masks since we'll all be wearing them for much longer and more often. Personally, I've been on the hunt for more masks because as an incoming freshman in college my university has decided to require all students, staff, and visitors to wear masks inside every building and during in-person instructions at all times. At least for the first semester. I've rounded up a bunch of great options and I can't wait to share them with you.

Miss Selfridge

Miss Selfridge is a British company with very reasonable prices and the most beautiful clothes you've ever seen. I loved these masks so much that I purchased them. Having used them I can highly recommend them. One of the benefits of these masks is that they come in a pack of two and they are washable.



This pack of three face coverings are a bit on the pricier side but I can tell they are definitely worth the splurge. These are heavy duty face masks with adjustable ear straps.



ASOS is a great place to look for masks. They have such a wide variety and all of them come in packs of at least 3. Each face mask is a steal price-wise for what you get. I found so many great options, I couldn't just choose one.


If you're not particularly into the big/bold prints this pack is a great basic for you. They're simple and get the job done!


This is also another great simple option. They have these exact face coverings in EVERY color imaginable. Once again, these are a great simple and purposeful piece.


This is such a beautiful set that I'm dying to buy these. I love this floral print that's trending right now.



Revolve is a great place to get trendy mid to high fashion wardrobe pieces and this includes masks. While on the pricier side for a single mask but in the name of fashion it's worth it.


Again from Revolve, here's a great fashion-forward mask.



Etsy is a great place to buy face masks right now. There are so many talented people out there creating all kinds of masks. I guarantee that you can find a mask you like on Etsy if you can't find one anywhere else. I also love Etsy because you are helping out small businesses which is great!!

Right now the tie dye trend is really heightening so here are a few of my top picks for tie dye masks on Etsy.





Reformation is another great place to get masks because they not only have tons of options but they have program where when you buy a mask they donate one to someone in need. You can also buy masks in bulk from Reformation. Here's a few of my favorite singular masks from Reformation.

All three can be found here.



BaubleBar has some of the CUTEST masks I've ever seen and I've actually order two of these. These masks are young and fun! Each option come as a pair and are extremely reasonable at $12. How cute are theses.

All three can be found here



Olivier is a British company that makes beautiful clothes as well as these beautiful masks. These masks are made for both girls and women.


Mary Kat Masks

Now this is a company I'm so excited to talk about because this company is run by two sisters in NC and they hand-embroider these masks with stars, butterflies, peace signs, and hearts. You even get to decide what thread color you want. One reason I'm really excited about this company is because they're a small business and they're from NC and that's home for me. You should absolutely go check them out and support them.



Believe it or not, Vistaprint does have some cute face masks for sale. This is just one of many. While expensive, it is a higher quality mask.



RedBubble is a great place to support small artists and small businesses and they've began creating masks. As a small artist myself I've uploaded a few works of mine and I've created them into masks and you if you like them enough I'd love your support!

You can view each one of them here.


Finally, instead of buying new masks you can always make your own!No, not with a sewing machine but with your own two hands, a needle, and thread, with a little elastic. Here I've linked an article from Free People about how to breathe new life back into old clothes. Even if you're just looking for a fun DIY you should definitely attempt this.

If you've made it this far, thank you for reading and I hope this was helpful or beneficial to you in any way. Please remember to wear your mask and stay safe and healthy everyone!!!


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