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My SS24 Trending Predictions

Looking ahead at 2024 fashion trends, I went ahead and created a portfolio of my fashion trend predictions for the new year, specifically Spring and Summer '24. Before debuting my trend predictions we need to take a look at the runways first. What colors are being used? What fabrics are we seeing a lot of? Are there common themes?

First, I took a look at what Fashion Snoops predicts will be popular color tones for the upcoming year. Additionally, I have provided a visual of these colors in use on the SS24 runways.

Next, I observed common themes among the SS24 runways. Below is a visual of the most popular trends I noticed on the runway.

How do the runway & color trends apply to other retailers?
  • The runway is a large-scale preview of what consumers will be influenced by & inclined to purchase in the upcoming seasons.

  • Retailers both big & small can leverage runway & color trends as a guide to inspire & curate ideal seasonal collections.

  • By tapping into the latest fads, retailers can predict best-selling items & are more likely to maintain or increase their brand image & awareness.

Below are my top 5 trend predictions for the upcoming Spring & Summer 2024 season.

Why Colorful Tights?
  • Consumers are becoming more comfortable experimenting with vibrant colors. We see examples of this currently with the color red being so popular.

  • Looking forward in time to the transition from Winter, consumers can be expected to carry the enthusiasm for vibrant colors into the spring and summer seasons. I believe we’ll see more unique patterned tights as well. Patterns of checks, plaids, & dots as projected by runway trends.

  • As previously referenced above, Fashion Snoops SS24 Color Shifts give credit to this. The various hues of the colorful tights align with the predicted color shifts Fashion Snoops has deduced.

Why Fun Legwear?
  • Fun legwear is a way for consumers to make playful additions to their outfits. Creating more ways to customize your look while adding a touch of individuality.

  • Runway trends feature an emphasis on hyper-feminine aesthetics & include trends such as frills, lace, & ribbons. The playful & girly nature of fun legwear aligns with Free People’s brand aesthetic.

  • Fun legwear is an ideal way for everyone to further practice self-expression & make average outfits individualistic.

Why Metalic Pants?
  • I believe the current trend of silver metallic pants will evolve to include other variations like gold & other colorful hues.

  • These colorful metallic pants will most likely incorporate the colors predicted in the Fashion Snoops SS24 Color Shift report.

  • Metallic pants embody a sense of glamour & sophistication while maintaining versatility. The versatility of metallic pants means that everyone can embrace & experiment with their style while having the opportunity to adapt their outfit for any occasion.

Why Unique Ribbon Uses?
  • Building on the current popularity of ribbons & bows as an accessory, I think we will begin to see the unique uses of ribbons evolve over the coming seasons.

  • The versatility of ribbons creates a playground for creativity & experimentation. The creative nature of this trend complements the personalities of those who are known for having fun & free-spirited fashion senses.

  • The use of ribbon challenges all fashion lovers to see what unique & individual styles the everyday consumer can create & execute, making today’s outfit different from yesterday’s & tomorrow’s.

Why Sheer Gloves?
  • Sheer gloves are an eccentric accessory that can elevate any look. From casual to formal, sheer gloves are versatile.

  • Sheer gloves can be both practical & artistic. Adding fun to any look.

  • I believe sheer gloves are appealing in their ability to make any outfit unique & creative.

These were my top 5 trend predictions for the spring & summer 2024 season. Please let me know what you think & maybe at the beginning of the fall season, we can look back & see if I was correct or not.




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