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The Pants You Need For Your Summer Wardrobe!

Yes! I said need, not want! Years ago I found these simple linen pants on Amazon and I have never gone back. If there is one staple everyone needs in their summer closet it has to be a pair of linen pants. However, if you're like me, you need a pair of linen pants in every color imaginable.

I have this exact pair in six colors: white, black, yellow, blue, green and pink. The pants come in 14 different styles but most of them are different shades of tan or neutral tones. All of the fun colors I own, I did myself. How? You might ask. Well, keep reading!

These pants are your next must have.

These pants range from $36-$40 and fit perfectly. No need to size up or size down.

Below are just a few of the ways I have styled these pants.

You can wear these linen pants casually or dressed up. It's up to you. I recently went on a trip to Richmond, VA and I brought every color of these pants that I own. I can style them any way I want with just about any top and accessories I own.

My secret to how I got these colorful pants is that I simply dyed a white pair in each color. I used Rit Dye for each one.The white and black pair came directly from Amazon. If you want to achieve the same colors I own, I have listed below the name of the Rit Color Dye, as well as a link to each.

Yellow: Lemon Yellow - on Amazon for $8

Green: Truly Green - on Amazon for $10

Pink: Fuchsia - on Amazon for $8

Blue: Aquamarine - on Amazon for $8

My next project is to make a pair in red for College Football game days. I'm telling you these pants are breathable and can be dressed for any event. I even wore my pink pair during one of my sorority's spirit week events. Which if you didn't know, tend to be 5+ hours outside in August. Plus my school is in North Carolina meaning it is hot, hot, hot in August. These pants are too good they make me want to break the fashion rule of no linen in the fall and winter.

With Love,



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