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My Favorite Jewelry Pieces as of Summer 2020

In todays post I want to share my favorite jewelry pieces. I especially want to share these because they are very reasonable price-wise and quality-wise. I wear jewelry on the daily, even during quarantine. Jewelry is one way I express my individualism and is how I make my outfits pop.

While this MVMT Charlie watch is the most expensive item in this list, it is a reasonable price because this watch is sturdy, fashionable, and beautiful. This gold watch is priced at $125 but it is absolutely worth it. The watch also comes with four extra links in case the band is not big enough initially. The Charlie is beautiful and timeless.

These two rings are my favorite accessory to wear on the daily. I wear these simple pieces with any and every outfit. The plain gold ring (left) is from Amazon and is priced at $8.99. The detailed ring (right) is from my local CVS Pharmacy last year for prom.

These are some of my favorite hoops I have ever owned. I purchased this set from Target and it includes three pairs of gold hoops in three different sizes. I wear the middle size hoops practically every day and in my second piercing I wear a simple diamond. Unfortunately, I could not find the link to these so instead I linked two Amazon dupes.

These are my go-to earrings for more social events. I have worn these for months and months and they've done nothing but favors for me. I purchased these from Target but I cannot find the links to these anymore so I linked similar earrings from Amazon below.

These small gold hoops are very trendy right now and I was lucky enough to snag these also at Target. They're priced at $7.99 and are already one of my favorite summer pieces.

These pearl hoops own my heart and are such a trendy summer accessory for your wardrobe. These were purchased from Target. Notice a trend? They cost $12.99 but look like they're worth more than $50.

These are my new favorite earrings. These are the Game Day Stack by Stacked By Suzie. You have the option of what color you want the lightning bolt to be and what color you want the mini star to be all for $20. This girl is a small business owner who deserves more love. I purchase a red bolt, and white stars and then I additionally purchased black mini stars for my schools colors.

We have reached the end of my favorite jewelry pieces as of Summer 2020. I hope you all enjoyed!

Stay safe and Healthy,



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