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High School Graduation Gift Ideas for the Class of 2024!

With such a crazy time upon us with a global pandemic I can sympathize with how any seniors are feeling about how their time as a senior is ending. I myself is am a senior in high school and my brother is a senior in college so we are both dealing with the new online way of learning and having our senior years cut short! However, even with many high school's canceling or deferring their graduation ceremonies we still graduate and will move onto our next step in life. Today's post is my list of high school graduation gift ideas for the class of 2024. Most of these gifts have to do with they idea that your graduate is going onto college the following fall. Hope y'all enjoy!

The first gift is the most expensive so we'll get that out of the way first! How adorable are these Catstudio Collegiate Embroidered Pillows? You can shop by State and each State has a great selection of colleges to choose from.

These pillows run typically about $192

Georgia Tech Pillow

Auburn University Pillow

Appalachian State University Pillow

Catstudio Collegiate Thermal Bottle. Once again, you can sop by State and find many selections of colleges in each State.

These Thermal Bottles typically run at $39.50

Univeristy of Virgina Bottle

East Carolina University Bottle

Georgia Tech Bottle

College Pennants are such a great idea! Pennants look great at home and in the dorm. I would recommend getting two so they can have one at home and one in their dorm! You can find a great selection of flags and pennants at College Flags and Banners Co.

N.C. State Pennant - $8.95 // Harvard Pennant - $5.95 // N.C. A&T Pennant - $5.95

Yetis, Tumbler cups, or any reusable cups. I, personally, think both reusable cups and yetis are a fantastic idea. I have heard from many people already in college that these are great so that they don't have to continuously buy new cups and they can use them to carry their coffee, tea, and other drinks around campus while keeping them warm or cold for many hours. I've also heard of students bringing their own drinks to parties and tailgates with these lips so that they don't have to worry about anyone messing with their drinks.

Packed Party Oh My Stars Tumbler - $18

Yeti Rambler 20oz Stainless Steel Tumbler - $29.99

Yeti Rambler 20oz White Tumbler - $29.99

Packed Party On The Rocks Tumbler - $18

Apple AirPods or other wireless earbuds. I already own a pair of AirPods and I'm not just recommending this because it's trendy and cool but because they're very practical and useful. Of course, if headphones work better for you or your graduate you should consider gifting them a new pair of headphones. I used to always wear headphones but once I got AirPods I am a changed women. It is so much easier for me to do my daily chores, tasks, and work while listening to music.

Apple AirPods - $139

White Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds - $30

Black Purity Wireless Earbuds - $33

Black Tozo Wireless Earbuds - $50

Also, a fun accessory to go with AirPods is a case for the AirPod charging case.

Pink Case - $4.98 // Black Case - $5.98 // Light Blue Case - $9.98

Mophie Charge Stream Pad. This works with iPhone 8 models and newer versions, as well as Samsung phones.

Black Charger - $59.84 // White Charger - $40.06

Portable speakers are a fantastic idea and need no explanation for why.

Light Gray Sony Portable Speaker -- $47.96

Black JBL Speaker - $49.95

Lavender/Light Pink Miatone Speaker - $49.99

A reasonably sized toolbox. This one below is the Cartman 39-piece Tool Kit. It is priced at $23

These are just a few of my most recommended gifts for high school graduates. As a high school graduate myself I felt like some people could use this because it is a more realistic list of gifts your graduate could actually use!

- Hampton

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