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Christmas Wishlist

Hi guys!!! It is officially the holiday season and it finally means that I can put up my Christmas tree. Christmas time is the season of giving and y'all... giving gifts is my best talent! However, in today's post I will be talking about whats on my Christmas 2018 wish list.

These adorable Free People Fleece Star Shorts are #1 on my Christmas list this year! I absolutely love the star pattern and I love how adorable these are! These come in navy and gray and I'm crossing my fingers for these.

Free People Skinny Strap Brami

The Skinny Strap Brami from Free People is one of the best staple items I could ever recommend anyone! I already own a white one and a sparkly black one but this year i am wishing for a plain black one and a nude one.

Free People Vienna Leather Belt

This Vienna Leather Belt is also at the top of my list simply because I do not own any belts! I need more belts and I felt that this belt would be a great start. It comes in an array of colors including black, green, tan, and white!

Free People Just My Stripe Pullover Sweater

This beautiful striped sweater is next on my list! The Just My Stripe Pullover Sweater from Free People is just so beautiful! I love the colors and I love how this could go with so many outfits.

Free People Washed Seamless Crop

The Washed Seamless Crop from Free People is another staple for anyone's wardrobe! I personally am wishing for the white and/or black ones. I think these would work great underneath clothes with a deep v cut.

The Free People Ribbed V-Neck Bami is another great staple item that i am praying for this year! This brami has a v-neck and a low back which is great for tops with a deep v-neck or tops with a low cut back. I'd love to receive either a white, black, or nude one (or all three).

Free People Sleep To Dream Pullover

Ok y'all! I have been SO OBSESSED with this top for the longest time! I am dying for this top and I can already imagine all the endless outfit possibilities with such a basic top. In the not so distant future I will be going on a trip of a lifetime and I can already see myself wearing this Sleep To Dream Pullover on my plain ride!

Free People Le Pom Pom Mini iPhone Connector

I'll just keep this plain and simple, you can never have too many of these iPhone adapters! Y'all, let me tell you, this adapter in Greta is just my style! The Le Pom Pom Mini iPhone Connector is so cute!

Princess Polly Outlaw Denim Overalls

I have been eyeing these Outlaw Denim Overalls for SO LONG! Y'all I love these so much!! I mean just look at them. So cute! Santa, if you're reading this, know that I'm madly in love with these overalls.

Urban Outfitters The 1975 Vinyl

This is just a personal favorite of mine, The 1975 vinyl from Urban Outfitters. If you know, you know.

I love this new trend of ruffle socks and these two Ribbed Ruffle Socks from Lulus are perfect! the blue ruffle socks can be found here and the black ruffle socks can be found here.

We have finally made it to the bottom of the list and I do hope that all of you somewhat enjoyed this post! I do want to let everyone know that I completely understand how lucky I am to have been given the life that I have where Christmas gifts are guaranteed every year and I typically receive items that I have asked for. I count my lucky stars every night and I am so thankful for everything I have been given in life and I recognize that I am very blessed. I also understand that Christmas isn't about the gifts but about the birth of Jesus and the gifts are just a minor bonus. I do enjoy giving gifts much more than receiving gifts and I can't wait for my friends to open their gifts from me! Happy holidays and I hope to see y'all soon!

Lots of Love,

Hampton ♡

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